I like to think of myself as a man of inexhaustible creativity. I’m a slave to the process and dreamer at heart, and that’s more fuel to the fire than any form of success could ever muster. I’ve been lucky to work with so many good people along the way, and I continue to look for future endeavours that can inspire and transgress expectations of what popular music should be. ”


Bjørn (b. 1993, Arendal) is a Norwegian songwriter and recording artist. Abacus is the name of his brand new release and is his first album as an independent artist. The records offers a unique blend of power-pop and blues infused rock, with additional elements from fusion jazz, reggae, and flamenco. The album was written and produced by Bjørn himself, and also features his first leap into classical music with a baroque-inspired guitar quintet.

He spent his younger days in the cult-band Valerie who released two independent records in the 10's and performed numerous shows in Norway and abroad, acquiring a steady following and critical acclaim from places like Classic Rock Magazine. He also perfomed with Union City Blue while living in Manchester, and spent time in western Africa performing with senegalese artist Mama Sadio. Bjørn is fan of what he calls progressive melodies and arrangements that take the listener by surprise. His music is melodic at heart, sore, but rough around the edges: as one would expect from someone with a background in  rock music. He currently resides in Oslo as independent recording engineer and composer.