About Abacus

01. About formats

I often wonder if the notion of ‘our’ faulting attention span is not necessarily a product of the ever growing access to stimuli. Moreover, there appears to be a shift in the day-to-day-priorities of the consumer, and I increasingly think…

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02. About songs

I have always invested myself in compositional ideas above all else. They are intentions for a musical design of absolute candor, and for me that defines creativity at its infancy. Certainly the process that will later unfold is never truly…

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03. About Abacus

Abacus comprises material was never intended to be recorded. It certainly wasn’t intended to be released. It wasn’t supposed to have a life on its own and it wasn’t supposed to take on a final form. I think most artists…

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2021 / Novum Music BN01

Produced and Engineered by Bjørn Nes
Tracks recorded by Bjørn Nes (1-12) at Lazarus Studio (Oslo), Hisøy Kirke (Arendal)
Additional recording by Augustus Clark (3)
Mixed by Bjørn Nes
Mastered by Don Bartley

All songs written by Bjørn Nes except where noted:

01. 1983 Overture / Element of Crime
02. Hotel Royale *
03. Boy Bye (Superstars)
04. Othello and I **
05. Guitar Quintet in F-Major, I. Opening
06. Guitar Quintet in F-major, II. Debutante
07. Guitar Quintet in F-Major, III. Lento
08. Guitar Quintet in F-Major, IV. Fughetta Fantasia
09. Shadow Self **
10. The Phantom
11. If I Die in a Combat Zone, Box Me Up and Ship Me Home ***
12. Maelstrom

*      Bjørn Nes, Robert A. K. Pedersen
**      Bjørn Nes, Augustus Clark, Erlend Omdal
***    Bjørn Nes, Augustus Clark

Bjørn Nes: vocals, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, bass (1-12)
Robert A. K. Pedersen:  piano (1-4, 9-12)
Erlend Omdal: drums (1-4, 9-12)

Horus Quartet
Gina Bordini: first violin (2, 5-8)
Nhi Phuong Do: second violin (2, 5-8)
Audun Klaveness: viola  (2, 5-8)
Ema Grčman: cello (2, 5-8)
Additional Personnel:
Ole Tobias Antonsen: percussion (3, 4, 9, 10, 11)
Augustus Clark: bass (9)
Toto Kruse: saxophone (4, 9)
Petter Smith Lien: trumpet (4, 9)
Mikkel Østhaug: backing vocals (1, 4, 9, 10, 11)
Silje North: backing vocals (1, 9, 10, 11)
Sara M. Berg Myrvold: backing vocals (11)